Please bear with us as we rebuild our website from scratch on this new platform. We are prioritizing the kidding pages and contact pages at this point. We hope to rebuild the doe and buck information pages as soon as possible.

Please contact us with any questions at customerservice@jmfarm-vermont.com

2021 Kidding Results

Table below has the results of the first 12 does to kid. 7 does remain to kid. Photos of kids will be added as they become available.

We are currently working on contacting those on our waiting list (see bottom of page). Those who expressed an interest in a particular pairing are being given priority, followed by those who contacted us in order of contact.

Any kids not claimed by those on the waiting list will be added here.

We currently have 1 horned buck kid that can go intact or wethered and 1 horned, blue-eyed doe kid available.

Kid Pricing

  • Doe kids $300*
  • Buck kids $300**
  • Wether kids $100***
  • *Doe kids are ADGA registered. AGS registration application available upon request. DNA verification available upon request at buyer’s cost.
  • **Buck kids are ADGA registered and will have DNA submitted for parentage verification. AGS registration application available upon request.
  • ***AGS registration application available upon request. Cannot be ADGA registered.


We are a small family farm located in the Green Mountains of VT. We have been raising registered Nigerian Dwarf goats since 2010 and registered mini-Nubians since 2018.

We are active members of

  • American Dairy Goat Association ADGA
  • American Goat Society AGS
  • The Miniature Goat Registry TMGR
  • Miniature Dairy Goat Association MDGA
  • lifetime members of the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association JSBA though we are no longer breeding Jacob Sheep

We participate in DHIR through ADGA, AGS, TMGR and MDGA.

We are an ADGA+ herd and participate in Linear Appraisal when it is offered in our area.

We have completed the Quality Dairy Producer course through Langston University.

Goat Chat


Nigerian Dwarf Senior Does, Nigerian Dwarf First Fresheners and Nigerian Dwarf Bucks have been added. Mini-Nubian Senior Does, Mini-Nubian First Fresheners, Mini-Nubian Bucks and Foundation Nubian Does have been added. Junior Does will be added to each breed in the near future.


Address: 4195 Quechee W Hartford Rd, White River Junction, VT 05001

Phone: 802-295-5940

Cell: 603-398-2037 please leave a voicemail

or use the button for email